Desert greenhouses

I want to form a community in Wales, in the UK with a view to branching out to the Algarve and/or Almeria, Spain to test some world-changing ideas. In particular, the idea of growing food in greenhouses in the desert for the people living in associated structures on and below the ground. I am trying to find a way that we can grow all we need without wrecking the planet and I think this is it (or part of it). A vegan (plant-based) diet that puts less stress on the earth is a must. For me, it has to be a business-based community in order to afford the changes and pay our way. I own two houses outright and two others on mortgages. And I rent a large space in the basement of the old Progressive club on the other side of the street.

Dry climates offer some advantages for sustainable living, especially energy related to heating and cooling; earth sheltered homes work better and with the cooler nights don’t need AC, more solar gain is available when it’s cold.

Hi 5, I am in Wales myself.
I want to set up a community as well however the visual and tactile aspect of the environment is very important to me. I feel most alive living among or close to tall trees, greenery, heat and moisture (sounds tropical) so have been drawn in that direction.

Regarding your comment though… You may want to check desert greening, which is basically what it sounds it is. I have been considering this myself and still am, to a point. I understand that one would need a source of water and intelligent ways of diverting it and distributing across an area, in a way that will take care of itself long-term (i.e. sustainable).

Do you have qualification or knowledge in the areas that you think you will need to set up what you want?

I’m thinking seriously about doing this too and am figuring that having a group of like-minded people to work with is essential so that we can fill each other’s gaps in skills and knowledge.

How do you find the process of starting all of this? Do you have a system/template that guides you?