Looking to learn more about communities that grow/raise 90% of their own food

I’ve recently taken a master gardener program that really goes into market gardening, food forest and food production with beyond organic practices. It has given me the confidence to really think that I (and a group of like-minded folk) could really begin to start a garden/food forest.

Are there any of you who have started a community where you grow/raise 90% of your own food and have that as a source of income for the community? How many acres do you have in total? How much of that space is used for growing/raising food? Does everyone have a task/job that they do or do you all alternate? Do any of the communities that do this also allow for the public to visit and learn about what you are doing?

Thank you for taking the time to read this and enlighten me!


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Hi Sunflower,
We are working on that now! We are in E TN and bought 40 acres for 8 families to co-share gardens, tools, duties, etc., in order to live as sustainably as possible, with permaculture practices. We used FIC to help us with the legal startup (course), the membership guidelines (course), and I have personally been spending last 9 mos building our infrastructure (road/electric) and yurts (long story) so we have yet to get started on the gardens, but its our model to be 80-90% self sufficient withing 3-5 years. You’re welcome to follow along with our story and send quetions or come visit any time!
Story unfolding @shambhala_TN
and our land is on WWOOF if you want to come visit :slight_smile:

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I recently learnt about Wheaton Labs from the interview on Inside Community podcast and I will definitely be doing some research to learn more, some of the ways things are done there are of definite interest to me.