BIPOC ecovillage nearish to the Bay area

I would love to find people who are interested in buying land together to create a small village specifically for people of color, former foster youth and LGBTQ people. I imagine a little village were people who have been marginalized or given a bad hand in life can build themselves up and create security for future generations. I am open to different ideas but the way I imagine it would be buying a big plot of land were everyone has equal share and decisions on land use would have to be voted on. But everyone would have their own plot, and can contribute in whatever way they can. We would grow a portion of our own food, and eventually have other things that an actual small village would have like a school. I would definitely want this village to be connected with water, electricity(but with solar panels too), internet, and cell reception. II would want it to be in nature but near a city so people have access to jobs, healthcare etc. The core values be inclusion, community, secularism, and sustainability.

It would be similar to this community, but in california


I think that we have similar ideas but I’m not sure about the details, in my vision we would live on land like the link I have below but within an hour drive or less to a city. Everyone (or most people) would have their own gardens, we would plant food forest, raise animals, have people with various skills like farming construction baking etc and hopefully nurses/doctors/teachers eventually. It sounds like your idea is a little more in the city, but I’m not sure. But if it is I think our ideas our similar enough that we could still work together and build sister communities that help each other?

The place I listed was an example of what could be attainable if I got as many people as I wanted but whatever location I would actually get would be dependent on the number of people and on what was affordable to the group. I had already considered the issues you brought up the listed property (and any property I would buy) has a road connecting to several nearby small cities (the closest being a diverse little city of 11000 people). Its 30 min from Santa Rosa, and 1.5 hrs from SF. There is also a hospital and fire department in the city near the property which according to google is only about a 15 min drive so there wouldn’t be any need for airlifts and the people in the village would have quick access to jobs schools healthcare etc through the smaller cities. 160 acres would only be reasonable if there was about 100 people in which case the village would only be set up once we had a nurse/teacher/ fire regulations for safety. Since it’s unlikely I’ll find that many people the property would be smaller and the drive from the village to the main road would be negligible. If they wanted more entertainment Santa Rosa and SF are just a drive away. Also it would be affordable to people who need it as it is certainly possible for people to contribute to the village in different ways if a person didn’t have money. They could instead contribute their expertise or lend a helping hand as setting up a village requires a lot of work. Also the point of what I want is partly escapism, living in harmony with nature is just as important to the vision as helping people. The properties you listed would not accomplish that need. We have very conflicting wants but I do wish you luck on making your group.