Ata Ga to Cabot Trail" NS

Peace and Balance.

approaching a decade of building out the small homestead in Atl Area, it’s time to give weight to the other end of the dream which takes place in Nova Scotia. With several hundred areas, and century old home on the property, we’re looking for an individual(s) to oversee the ATL homestead (5+ acres) and families/individuals interested in co-living in NS. with over 100 acres there is plenty of space to build living areas.

the goal is to establish a connection of communities which allow our members to share, travel and thrive at and amongst the two properties (those which are to come in the future). if you’re interested emailed me or shoot me some questions.

Each property has a home center and various homesite, waterfronts, and their own source of water. Additionally, the NS property offers great fishing, 40+ acres of blueberries and much more. Again, the groundwork has been down now we need people… the people.

(Note: things which we do- we have strong indigenous holistic principles & traditions, love skilled tradesmen/women, practice subsistence farming and agroforestry, welcome small/large families, homeschooling. beekeeping, Art, natural wine, meat plant cultivation and preservation, hunting, dance, community shows and whatever favors thought & laughter.

With balance and love


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