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This group was created for and at the request of the May 2022 Community Connect attendees who wanted a space to carry on their conversations. We acknowledge it is, as most things are, an experiment! The group has been kept open to other Community Connect attendees.

Direct link to this space: Community Connect - FIC Forum. I suggest you use the bookmark feature in your web browser and bookmark it or store is somewhere you can find it easily.

This Community Connect forum is called a Group. It can be found in the Groups list.
Here is less easy way to find it again!

  • Click/Tap, the “hamburger menu” (3 horizontal lines in the top right of the navigation bar)
  • Click/Tap Groups
  • Find and Click/Tap Community Connect

I think that gets you back in.

Other useful links
Welcome — get started here :: Welcome - get started
Introduction & Guidelines - FIC Forum :: Introduction and Guidelines
Code of Conduct - FIC Forum :: Code of Conduct

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