Where am I supposed to post the introduction?

Sorry, 63 years old and have brain damage. I found Introduce yourself and meet others - #136 by housingreform – but I cannot figure out where to post.

The page loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads, hundreds of introductions and replies?

I did make it to the bottom eventually, thank the Goddess I just got Starlink. But still don’t know where to post :frowning:

I know this platform is different, so here’s how I use it:

  • To get to the top of the post easier, just click on the name of the group at the top. There you can see what they want IN the post, to help us all out.
  • Next hit that yellow return arrow on the right hand side. That’s how to respond. Not terrible easy to spot, but there you have it.
  • IF you want to respond to an individual, hit that same arrow within their post. It will still show on the feed, but you will also notify that person that you are responding.

Did that help? I’m not a moderator, just another user. Looking forward to your intro!

P.S. I also suffered soft brain damage some years back. Hey, it takes a village, eh?

Thanks, Anita.

I spent a couple of hours here reading last night and never saw the YELLOW reply button. Duh! That’s my brain damage … Saw only the reply within the post.