The Peaceful Life in Lifechanyuan Thailand Branch

Qianzi Celestial

May 23, 2024

The sky above us is not truly empty; it is filled with the beautiful fairyland of tall mountains, flowing waters, and celestial flowers and fruits. Gazing up at the blue sky and the playful clouds, one can feel the vibration of higher life energies and the splendid nonmaterial world. Even though we cannot see or hear the higher beings in the sky, we can communicate with them spiritually, hoping they will convey our deep thoughts to our distant loved ones and celestials lost on earth, so they can return home soon.

These days, it seems everyone has developed new skills. With Brother Guang absent, everyone’s technical potential has been further stimulated. Roumei, Yangle, and Jiao’e repaired and leveled the waterlogged area in front of the bamboo courtyard. Qu Dan fixed the internet cable that was blown off by the strong wind. Yangle went up to check and patch up various leaking spots. He and Jiao’e also re-fenced the garden and built a new chicken coop in the nursery for the chickens.

With no visitors these days, we are enjoying a leisurely and carefree time. After meals, we play chess, with sisters facing off against Yangle, and Qu Dan assisting to secure victories. In our spare time, we study English, immerse ourselves in poetry, songs, and dance, nurturing an ethereal and otherworldly demeanor.


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