Lifechanyuan is not an evil "home," but a heavenly sanctuary that saved me

Lifechanyuan is not an evil “home,” but a heavenly sanctuary that saved me

—Insights from a year of living in Lifechanyuan Thailand Branch

Jiejing Celestial

June 5, 2024

It has been 13 years since I encountered Lifechanyuan in 2011. I experienced three years of collective living joy in Lifechanyuan China Branch, and after eight years, when my mother passed away on March, 2023, I started to live in Lifechanyuan Thailand Branch on April 21, 2023, and now have lived for one year.

During this year, I have noticed significant changes both mentally and physically. Mentally, I have shifted from a rejection of the money-first values of the secular world, the painful struggle for survival, the surge of negative emotions, and numerous health issues, to a state of no inner pressure, feeling an unprecedented ease and tranquility in life. Physically, my weight naturally decreased from nearly 90 kg to the current 61 kg, returning to my weight from ten years ago. My constipation disappeared, my insomnia improved, and the symptoms of my “undying cancer,” plasma cell mastitis, have been stable for two years.

If I didn’t find Guide Xuefeng and Lifechanyuan, I would not have achieved my current state of happiness, peace, and joy. Lifechanyuan has been labeled by the Chinese government as an illegal organization or an evil “home,” but my personal experience proves that Lifechanyuan is a heavenly sanctuary that saved me. Why? Here are the reasons:

  1. Holographic Management Replaces Human Management, Money Disappears, and I Am the Master of the Home

When I was working in the secular world, I had to work eight hours of mental labor every day. Facing the monthly performance evaluations, I constantly experienced competition between colleagues, pressure from work tasks, and worries about salary. The pressure to survive and the quantitative tasks set by the boss often filled my mind with dissatisfaction and helplessness.

When living in Lifechanyuan Thailand Branch, I own nothing. No one gives me a salary, and no one forces me to do any work. I am the master of the Home, my own boss. The community provides for my daily needs, taking care of my food, clothing, shelter, transportation, birth, old age, illness, and death. The pressure in my heart suddenly disappeared. My work turned into simple gardening and promotional work where I can use and improve my English skills.

When my heart experienced the joy brought by the sweat of gardening and the happiness of meeting kind people from different countries, I knew I had chosen the right path in my life.

  1. Always keep the value “Every Blade of Grass and Every Tree is a Friend, Do Not Harm Insects and Birds” in my mind.
    “Reverence for the Greatest Creator, reverence for life, reverence for nature, and walking on the way of the Greatest Creator” is one of the core values of Lifechanyuan. After living and working for many years in cities filled with concrete and steel, I would not have known the tranquility, freedom, and serenity of a celestial life if I hadn’t truly lived and worked in nature.

Have you ever experienced waking up and falling asleep to the sounds of birds chirping? Have you listened to the symphony of cicadas in the summer? Have you touched the wings of yellow butterflies with your own hands and felt the softness of plump, cute green caterpillars? Have you seen pink earthworms and red beneficial insects? Have you witnessed the miracle of seeds breaking through the soil and the vigorous growth of vegetables?

I have experienced all of this in Lifechanyuan Thailand Branch. I realized that fruits ripen and fall naturally, and flowers bloom and wither in their own time. The beauty of nature is the masterpiece of the Greatest Creator. Like me, do you have the opportunity to connect with nature, work in it, and appreciate its beauty while marveling at the wonder and greatness of the Greatest Creator?

  1. Consciousness Becomes More Orderly, Life Becomes Easier and Simpler, and Illnesses Gradually Disappear
    When living in the secular world, while my parents were alive, I often heard them belittling each other, arguing, and cursing. After my parents passed away, the loneliness and helplessness I felt often left me confused and lost about the future. However, living in Lifechanyuan Thailand Branch, thanks to studying Lifechanyuan values and the support of its life program, I have experienced the heavenly affection and love among the Chanyuan Celestials, which is even closer than blood ties.

Without the pressure of survival and the worries about my future, the relationships among us are based on the principle: “If people don’t ask for my help, I won’t bother them; if people ask for my help, I will assist them urgently.” I feel strong positive energies from our shared faith in the Greatest Creator, our firm belief in the beautiful future of the Second Home community, and our longing for the heavenly kingdom. This has made my body healthier and my emotions more stable.

  1. The Richness of the Spiritual and Emotional Wealth of Male Chanyuan Celestials Allows Me to Truly Experience the Elegance and Civility of Free Love and Sex in Lifechanyuan Thailand Branch

Due to my frigidity in my youth, I missed out the fulfilling sexual life in Lifechanyuan China Branch. Burdened by worldly ties and imperfect consciousness, I endured a painful three-year marriage and mistakenly believed that the male Chanyuan Celestials were the same as men in the secular world.

Without experiencing the grand peaks, one cannot understand the inadequacy of mere mounds. Without experiencing the elegant and civilized love and sex in Lifechanyuan Thailand Branch, one cannot comprehend the beauty of the heavenly kingdom. Without interacting with the male Chanyuan Celestials, one cannot appreciate their selflessness and the richness of their inner worlds.

Without gratitude to the Greatest Creator, without being in tune with Lifechanyuan values, without reverence for nature, without respect and love for all life, and without a longing for heavenly life, how can one truly understand and feel the magnificence and beauty of the inner landscapes of the male Chanyuan Celestials in Lifechanyuan Thailand Branch?

  1. It Is Not Guide Xuefeng Who Manages Me, but the Tao.
    In the past, not understanding the Tao often led me to act impulsively, resulting in emotional outbursts and numerous health issues. After living in Lifechanyuan Thailand Branch, with the life program running and weekly life meetings to express any unhappiness, I have come to understand the importance of a warm and harmonious collective life and the necessity of emotional stability.

I used to think that if I contributed some, I would have the right to do whatever I wanted. However, the management of the Tao is extremely subtle and strict. For example, when my mind harbored dissatisfaction with other members or when some bad weeds began to grow in my soul garden, the Tao would send warnings to my body—perhaps a sudden cut on my foot from a glass shard, a slight pain in my chest, or irregular menstruation. If I did not recognize my mistakes and repent, these warnings would become more evident. Once I acknowledged my errors, repented, and changed my mindset, the physical pains would disappear, and my menstrual cycle would return to normal.

I also gained a clearer understanding of the values “On the free land, wild grass will grow wildly in the soul garden” and “One’s contributions and gains are always equal.”

Practice is the Only Criterion for Testing Truth. The above five points are my reasons, and the truth reflected by the facts is my proof. Below are images showing the changes in me over the past year. Without comparison, one would not understand the wonder of Lifechanyuan values and the beauty of the life in the Second Home community.

Photos Taken: April 2023

Gardening Work in Lifechanyuan Thailand Branch:

Photos Taken: April 18, 2024

Photos Taken: June 1, 2024

“All Those Who Follow the Way of the Greatest Creator Will Have a Wonderful Future” , Do you believe it? Based on my own feelings and changes, I have to believe it. Is Lifechanyuan an evil “home”? For me, without Lifechanyuan, I think I would become evil.

I am grateful to the Greatest Creator, thankful to Lifechanyuan, the teachings of gods, buddhas, celestials, and sages, thankful for the tireless guidance of Guide Xuefeng, and appreciative of the angelic Chanyuan Celestials I have met. I hope I can always remember the importance of humility and continue to cultivate myself to evolve towards the higher life spaces of the heavenly kingdom!