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We have overcome the drawbacks of the traditional marriage and family system, proving with our own actions that true freedom is not vulgar, but noble and free in spirit and mind. We are ordinary and plain, yet we are also strong and resilient. It is only because we have experienced and understood the pain of the traditional marriage and family system, and also felt the advantages of the lifestyle without the traditional marriage and family system, that we are willing to radiate our light and love through the Second Home of Lifechanyuan, known as the Kingdom of the Greatest Creator.

My dear, are you in pain? Do you feel the lack of freedom in the marriage and family system? Please have a look at the peaceful and happy pictures of Lifechanyuan Thailand Branch.

Below is a poem written by our member, Qianzi:

Happy people revel in the Kingdom of Greatest Creator of Lifechanyuan Thailand Branch

written by Qianzi Celestial

April 3, 2024

Mixed cow dung with tree leaves for composting,
Unafraid of dirt and fatigue, brothers and sisters join together,
Joyful children, beautiful souls crystal clear;
Lawnmower warriors open up wasteland,
Victorious men with heroic bearing,
Wherever they go, cleanliness and beauty unfold
Ukrainian girl visits our home,
Enjoying the carefree home model, quietly contemplating while reading chanyuan values,
Qianzi answering questions, with a long journey ahead, brimming with confidence.
Flowers bloom beautifully, fairies dance gracefully,
Every smile sweet, captivating, Every gesture elegant, filled with immortal charm;
Ethereal drum, enchanting melodies soothe the heart and soul,
ocarina flute, melodious and gentle, leading into the realm of fairyland,
Drums resound with joy, brothers and sisters singing and dancing together,
Our home is always warm and peaceful, overflowing with love everywhere,
Happy people revel in the earthly paradise, the kingdom of Greatest Creator!



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