Summer Share: What are you working on?

What are you working on in your home and in your community?

Come share your stories, your pictures, your visions, your victories and your failures! We’re here to cheer you on, share our suggestions, commiserate in your woes, and celebrate your victories!

The garden is BOOMING and we have so many greens! Our house gardener @m.frankit.t tells me that the growing season is over a month late up here, but all I know is that I have never eaten so many leaves in one week before. We’re sending our excess bounty to our neighbors and friends almost every day.


The sauna is coming along, too. We got the old siding and rotten sheathing torn down, ripped out the door, and got the first wall up. It’s amazing how scheduling contractors (for electrical) can create a sense of urgency :rofl:


@drbrettschneider your garden and sauna are looking so good! Sauna is on the list for us too.

My partner and I just moved to 2 acres in Maine, where we are in the early stages of starting a homestead. We have a Bluebird skoolie (which we converted in 2020) and Canvas wall tent. Next step is clearing some of the fields to reduce ticks and setting up a big garden.

Well we’re not in community yet, but I’m helping my MIL build a composting system when we drive down there tomorrow, it will be used for her household, our household and possibly some of her neighbours depending on how well we do. I don’t know how long it takes to get compost being produced, but hopefully when I plant my garden pots in late March I can mix some of our new compost in with the top soil and ordinary soil and have happy mini-crops.

I know it is not summer, but here at our urban homestead we are doing alot of garden planning. We actually are getting a lot of help from the Garden Master Course taught by Helen Atthowe. We are doing at home in our own time which is really helpful for us being new parents! (busy busy baby!) Right now we are learning about [Soil Management and Weed Composition] (Garden Master Course: Soil Management and Weed Composition - YouTube). Helen talks about her techniques for tilling (and how its not always a bad thing) and has great data to back up her success. It is really fun learning all of this.