Semi-rural coliving in Eastern Massachusetts seeking creative collaborators

Hello! My name is Sparr and one of my hobbies is forming communities around coliving and shared interests. In the past I’ve organized groups living together in Boston and San Francisco, in houses, an ex-hotel, and in vehicles. My current and hopefully long term big project is converting a historic estate south of Worcester MA into a community focused on creative collaboration. Our directory entry here is at Estate of Mind - Foundation for Intentional Community and you can see our website at

There are currently ~15 adults here and 3 kids part time, and our target population is 30-35. Current members and their creative skills include welders, carpenters, painters, jewelry makers, seamsters, a singer, an interior designer, a puppet maker, and various others. I’d particularly like to have more folks here interested in organizing events, including classes, retreats, parties, etc, but we’re open to a wide variety of folks.

If you want to know more, feel free to reply here, or check out our website for email info and a link to our Discord server where you can chat with folks here.

PS: Having someone to work on better profiles and website and social media content is also something we need, clearly.

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If I lived in that area and coliving worked for me this would be really great. As it is I need more privacy, with a commonhouse and other spaces to do community things in, that is the model that works for me personally, but I really like seeing your focus on creativity and collaboration, plus events for both the community residents and the wider community, which is what I’d like if I can get a community going with others.