Massachusetts coliving community seeks residents and/or co-owners

Estate of Mind ( listing, website) is approaching two years old. Our property is a historic estate south of Worcester MA, with 42 bedrooms in three residential structures (manor, dorm, house) on 25 acres adjacent to a small town downtown. We are 18 people with room for perhaps a dozen more, and our community focus is on creative collaboration (art, music, events, crafts, etc). We have significant diversity in age and income, moderate gender diversity, and are currently lacking in ethnic diversity.

We’re looking for more resident members and I’ve posted a classified ad on the IC site about that. Also, I bought the property on my own but now that we’re more established I would prefer to split ownership and leadership of the community among 3-7 like minded folks. If this sounds appealing to you, comment here or message me or just join our community Discord linked from the website.

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Glad to see how things are coming along, your property sounds really ideal for community.

Curious to visit as it’s about 45 min away (I’m in Amherst). This sounds a lill bit like initial co-ho in europe (a big building). Is there literature available. Scheduled open or visit times?

  • -Chad