Offer: A free opportunity to learn how to make better decisions in community

Calling all Communities, Community Members or Families that want to get on the same page and make better decisions.

For the last few years, I’ve been developing ways of applying Values Based Decision Making (VBDM) in collaborative group settings. This has been inspired by my own experiences of co-creating an intentional community in South Africa and working in collaborative spaces.

The VBDM approach to decision-making is grounded in clarifying a group’s values of how they want their group or space to be in the future, and then using those values to evaluate decisions to bring about that future. There are more details in the link below.

As some previous clients of VBDM have attested:

“This is by far and away the most useful group decision making process I’ve come across. I wish I knew this before I started in community.”

“Holy moly, this has been worth every second. I realize now how funny and arbitrary my decision-making has been — just having general ideas and thinking I can wing something. I feel like I actually know how to make a decision for the first time in my life! Where was this when I was 20?!?!”

I’m now ready to start working with a few select groups through this process for my practicum.

The intake form is below to gauge suitability for the process; if a good fit, you’ll meet with me 3 times (virtually online) for 2 hours to clarify your values as a group, get on the same page, and practice making decisions together.

Between sessions, you’ll have between 2-4 hrs of work to complete on your own or as a group.

Groups of 3 or more can apply.

All information shared during the process is held in confidence.

After the process, you can engage me to help your group further integrate VBDM into your daily lives.

This is a FREE offer but requires commitment from the group’s participants.

If interested, please complete the intake form, or SHARE this offering to help spread the word.

Link below: