Looking for ‘founders’ to help build our community near Eugene, OR

Hello, we are located in Eugene, Oregon. We are a small but growing group of likeminded people who look to rebuild community and craft. We do not identify with any one specific cause or group, we are open minded and open hearted.

We are now in phase 2 of our community plan. Phase 1 was to build a vision and plan out the next several years. Now we have a plan and we are looking for folks who would like to join us early on as founders and help us make this dream come true.

Phase 2: Build a Tiny Home Village on DJ’s land (a member).

This village will be the start to our community. It will provide a place to meet and hone in our future roadmap while continuing to grow our minds and skillsets. Once this has been built we will effectively be able to meet and grow as a group as much as possible. This will allow us to save money, to grow as an community, apply some of our experimental ideas regarding sociological aspects, building design, permaculture design, solar and wind, biogas, composting projects and so much more.

Once we have grown closer as a community and we have sharpened our skills and smoothed out our plans, we will then move to phase 3: which is buying land together and on this land building our first community permaculture village, education center and retreat. The original tiny home village built in phase 2 will be for new members, members who wish to live closer to town, visitors and guest or for those who just need a place to stay for a night to keep warm. The primary residency and majority of members will move to the new land and build a much larger version of the tiny home village.

We already own the land for the Phase 2 tiny home village that will eventually house some of our ‘founding group’. We currently have .27 acres of land with a 3 bedroom home which is occupied by two members and also acts our temporary community office and meeting center. The property consist of solar power, 3 greenhouses, chickens, garden spaces, water catchment, composting bins and an unfinished 40’ ‘skooly’ (schoolbus) which we intend to sell to fund a portion of the tiny homes building expenses. This land has an immense amount of potential and we are currently looking to build two ADU’s on the land which will be built in addition to 3-4 tiny homes as well.

All of this requires commitment. We have several committed members who cover a majority of the labor and financial requirements to achieve this plan, what we’re looking for now is likeminded people around our age who can commit to the long term goals we have. Do you want to jump on this rollercoaster of a ride with us and potentially build a village that can offer an example for generations to come while allowing us to live the life we dream of? If so this might be for you…

Lastly, please note that we do not have it all figured out…We have a solid plan, but plans change and we expect as new people come along that things likely will change, and we’re ok with that. We want anyone interested to understand that there is no roadmap built for people like us, we are rebuilding what it is to be human and live on this earth. We hope that you can approach us with an open mind, open heart and help us help each other and learn from one another. Let’s build a village together!

If you’d like to learn more, please check out PeacefulValleyVillage.com or reach out to us here or on the website. If you’re in the area, check out our events!

Much Love,

Peaceful Valley Village


This sounds wonderful. We’re up in Clackamas County, and need to stay up this way, but if we lived farther south you seem like we’d be a good fit. So glad you have some plans and some resources already, that’s where we ran into a wall and our founding group dicipated after our first couple of meetings last year. We’re all still friends though thankfully, it just didn’t come together, so good for you all!

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What county have you found that has zoning laws which allow for the building of a tiny house village and income-generating industry on the same property? Just getting zoning and building permits for a tiny house village is very difficult, but to also have it zoned for industry is going to take a lot of pull with local authorities.

What sort of self-defense mechanism do you have to assure the safety of oppressed people who might choose to live in your community? In a climate of overt fascism on the rise, with tens of millions of heavily armed, genocidal non-state/future-state fascists simply awaiting for a leader to unleash them to surround cities in your country, what sort of protection do you offer?

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There have been several people posting to this forum, who sound to a certain extent, quite as unhappy as the above poster. It’s been interesting to notice that so far, few of those folks are in communities. They’ve dabbled, they’ve visited, they’ve stayed for short whiles, but none of them are community members. I’ve wondered a bit about that. Why is it so hard for some folks to just join a community and be relatively (or very) happy? Why are so many communities not interested in having certain folks join their gatherings?

And the conclusion I have come to (whether right or wrong I do not know) is that there are certain folks who are just so unhappy about everything in their lives, that they make poor community members. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

For us here at Stone Garden, we have more than enough to do just making sure the chickens are cared for, the cows milked, and the gardens tended. We just don’t have the time, nor do we care, if the WEF is breathing down our necks, or if “the ruling elite” doesn’t care for our occasional blue grass playing. We decided to not participate in covid, we decided not to be a part of everyday anger, we decided not to worry if the moon landing actually happened. We are much more interested in building a new world. We homeschool and run a Farm School for about 40 other kids. We do home births. We raise wonderful healthful food for our surrounding community. We started the recycling center in our town. And so much more. We are so busy working hard to change the world, we just don’t have the time to complain about the world.

So I guess my advice for those unhappy people seeking community, is to somehow find some happiness and goodness in your lives. Then maybe you will be able to find a community that would be happy to have you join them.


We’re using some well know loopholes as well as building ADU’s. Of course some of it comes with a small risk but we are willing to take the risk as we have lovely neighbors and zoning regulation works on a complaint basis. One way we’re making this happen is the new ADU regulation. So two of the units will be permitted ADU’s. The other 2-3 potential dwellings would use well known loopholes to skirt around the regulation and we see this as the more ideal way forward, not perfect, but have full faith it will work!

As for your other questions about self-defense. I think that is more of a personal question that has a litany of assumptions built into it. Assumptions and/or predictions that we all have differing views on. I personally think that the the dooms day-esc scenario you mention would certainly not be fixed if me and a few tiny home members had guns, so that is a conversation for us as a community to have in private and not over the internet. I will say that I personally have my own means of protection, and if others wish to do the same, that is there own personal choice, but we are not using fear to garner members in which we build a militarized community for what 'if situations - with all do respect.

To answer your question about oppressed people, I’m talking about building a tiny home village in my back yard, in Eugene, OR. I’m not talking about building a sanctuary but rather a mini garden community that builds in self sufficiency and friendship.

Let’s not turn this thread into a politicized one please. Please do not highjack my post for political banter and what-if situations. I’m asking for those who are likeminded to reach out. I have links to our website, you can read our bio, etc. Read those before posting if possible please.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and please reach out directly for any conversations that are off topic.

DJ Parson, Co-Founder
Peaceful Valley Village

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