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I’m not on much either. I do get email notifications of replies. This eve I am watching recordings of some cool FIC courses! And reading about some existing and developing communities in other places. What part of Florida are you in? I am in south FL. ( apparently I didn’t use the correct reply button, or tag; this was reply to @AshMM )

Hello Everyone!

My name is Kirsten Held and my husband is John Davis Held. We live in Baltimore City, MD but are looking to downsize in the next few years either in the U.S. or out of the country if that becomes necessary. Our current choice in the U.S. is Asheville, NC. I am very interested in seeing if an intentional living community would be a good fit for us. We attended our first Zoom meeting with Neil/FIC and were very inspired. I look forward to getting to know as many of you as possible and exchanging helpful ideas, feelings, and perspectives.



Hi, Kristin! I also sent you a DM (direct message).

nice, i envy you, i am tired of the weather in central europe
br: ders from walden somogy

Update: I ditched the blog and website plan because life is already feeling really overwhelming and full. YES to LESS! Also we have purchased land and are creating our child-focused ecovillage! If anyone reading this post has a family with children looking for community in the wet and green beauty of Western Wa, please message me directly for more information. We are currently seeking 1 angel investor, and 5 families into ownership of legally divided parcels.

Hey ya’ll!

I am a professional fool dedicated to empowering local communities by studying and implementing cultural design.

Performed as a juggler since the age of ten for everything from Hindu temples to orphanages, presented as a keynote speaker at fortune 500 companies, wandered through 22 countries as a backpacker, lived as a part of a tribe of fire spinners, winner of the NROTC scholarship with the US marine corps, and current student of Sociology at UC Berkeley.

My main inspiration comes from my friends in Ecuador fighting for indigenous rights.

I’m taking a gap year to visit intentional communities, and I’m fairly scared to be leaving the conventional path to figure out things (hopefully not all on my own!) Feel free to reach out and chat so we can find ways to support one another, even just by sharing a chill conversation :slight_smile:

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I just finished reading everyone’s introductions and loved meeting you all, albeit virtually.

My name is Lou. I’m a 51 yo (how the :astonished: did that happen?!) woman currently living with my partner (Clif) in Vermont. There is potential for community on the property which has 3 dwellings and 18 acres, but we are also considering relocating to an area with lower property taxes, a longer growing season, around people who are questioning the narrative and who support medical freedom.

I don’t have any direct experience with community per se (unless you count horses, dogs, chickens & ducks - we all get along just fine!), although my partner does.

As a person who loves solitude but also deep, authentic relationships, I’m equally afraid and intrigued by “intentional community.” From the UK originally, I quite like the idea of something a bit more organic like a village, but I’m sure it’s not that simple once you get into the nitty-gritty.

My skills/experience include: project management, web design, small biz consulting, animal husbandry, gardening (I could happily garden all day long), creating (anything), and nutritional therapy. My partner is, at present, a naturopath. I’m signed up and taking a course in Biogeometry soon. I’m at the tail-end of recovering from a mystery (non-c19 related) illness that provided me with ample doses of humility.

I spent many a year as a voracious “truth seeker,” going down spiritual rabbit holes that led to quite a few “peak experiences” (without the use of psychedelics (not that I’m against them)). I leaned heavily towards non-duality. One day for reasons unknown to me, the seeking ended (although getting to the truth of a matter, as much as one can, is still a major driver in my life). My partner is a non-practicing Rudolph Steiner fan (I’m learning more about that).

I LOVE all creatures & plants great and small, wild and free horse gallops up a mountainside, learning new things, creating & sharing beautiful spaces, radical honesty and deep conversations, the Way of Council, gardening, cooking, and being outside as much as possible.

I think I’m not very good at being politically correct or practicing non-violent communication (I don’t really even know what NVC is), and perhaps have a bit of an ego reaction around those things. But, I am 100% supportive/loving of all walks/ways of life that anyone or thing wishes to follow/be. I can be very serious, very silly, very practical, and very rash (so am mostly very confused).

Groupthink frightens me. Truth does not. I appreciate directness. I’m not woke.

A significant shift and unveiling appears to have occurred to my partner and me over the past two years - a bit like the ego falling away but more the constructs of what we considered relatively good, reliable, or safe in the world has fallen away. As such, we now find ourselves questioning EVERYTHING that was previously assumed and learning about resiliency and getting prepared. In other words - I have zero trust in government (no matter which side), big pharma, big tech, mainstream media, public radio (never thought I’d see that day!), institutions/universities etc. and, sorry, even NGOs. I have felt more truth from people like Catherine Austin Fitts, Bobby Kennedy, Brett & Heather Weinstein, Robert Malone, Charles Eisenstein, etc. (I’m sharing this so you can avoid me if necessary!!).

I’m here because, well, here I am. What I really want is to get out of the system, with others who wish to do the same, while maintaining the freedom for each person to be their full, incredible, weird selves.

Sorry this turned into a novel! Looking forward to reading and learning more from you all.

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Hello! I’m AL from Jacksonville, Florida. I’m 46 yo gay male. After recent spiritual transformation I exited corporate healthcare and dreaming of joining an IC. There are so many choices and I don’t know where to start! Please reach out to me if you have any suggestions in finding a great community.

I’d love to get a home in an an eco-village or co-house with loving kind people. I’m looking for a spiritually inclined community that is sustainable located in the south eastern States, surrounded by hills, water and forests. Friendly and supportive community is very important for me. I teach yoga, meditation, QiGong, breathwork; practice Shamanism and energy healing. I grew up in a large farm and can cultivate, grow and take care of many things. My passion is in growing veggies, microgreens, mushrooms and healing herbs.

Also, I’d love to invest into business projects like greenhouses, eco-tourism, AirBNB, transformation retreats, Ayahuasca/Psilocybin retreats etc, so everyone in the community can benefit from the work and profit.

I’m also looking for my soul mate - a gay guy around my age, to join a community together. If you are interested or know of a single guy please connect us, my email is

I’m sending pure love & gratitude and wishing you to enjoy the present moment.


hello, I’m “Forever Blessed” aka Erika , I’m from FL, but currently traveling with workaway. I do not live in an intentional community, I have only visited one, the 12 Tribes community, open to visiting more for potentially staying longer term. I really value the idea of sharing and having all things in common for the greater good of everyone, living off the land, being able to practice religion & faith freely and safely, good stewardship. I’ve learned how to bake and make soap, sew and many other crafy skills. I want to learn how to be fully self-sufficient while still having a larger community to lean on. Thank you for making it easier!


Hi Erika! Welcome to the forum. Nice to learn about your journey and the community you’ve visited. I also love making soap (from goat milk especially)! - Emlyn

What should we call you?

My name is Finn Mauritzen.

Where are you living?

I live in the Catskills region of New York, about 80 miles from New York City.

Do you live in an intentional community now?

Not really. Still working on that.

What are your experiences in community?

I grew up on a farm in Denmark. My family was a member in several consumer and producer cooperatives. In America, I tried to get people interested in forming worker cooperatives, but without much traction. Now retired and single again, I will try to form an intentional community here.

Special talents

I don’t really have a specialty. I’m interested in many different things. I’m more of a generalist. I’m more interested in the big picture, details aren’t really my thing.


Currently studying Christian anarchism, labels both of which mean different things to different people.

Why are you here?

I’m here looking for a few like-minded people who would be interested in finishing the development of a Christian anarchist monastery here at my home in New York. For now, I have called it New Covenant House.

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Hello, I’m Moose (he/him). It’s a family nickname I have had all my life and since moving into community 7 years ago has been my public name.
I live in Sharingwood Cohousing which is approximately 30 miles northeast of Seattle, WA. Sharingwood is a rural community surrounded by a 20+ acre land trust which we maintain.
I have been interested in intentional communities all my adult life. I was involved in a couple of cohousing communities in the development phase. However Sharingwood is the first organized community I have lived in. Here I am a renter and have loved the inclusiveness present here for non-owners. In fact at one point I was the Board president.
My interests include community building; low-impact housing construction; astrophysics; space technologies, including rocketry; maintaining natural environments; mitigating the effects of climate change; social justice, especially regarding queer folk; and the use of symbols, hence my personal sigil as my profile image.
I am here to learn from other communitarians about their experiences. To become engaged as I am able with developing this community.

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