IC Realtors (in Vermont)?

Hello communitarians,

I’m working with a small founding team to create a new IC in Vermont. We’re trying to connect with other communities to learn more. In particular, we’re looking for realtors licensed in Vermont that are familiar with the unique needs of an Intentional Community. If you know someone - or can recommend a way to find someone - please comment here!

Thank you!

I’m in Montpelier and have a realtor that I like working with: https://bethpombar.kw.com/
Mention Rebekah of Tiny Home Helper sent you. I don’t know if she has specifically IC knowledge but she’s very knowledgeable about the area and is helping me find land that will work for my company. Very down to earth, approachable.

Also, I’d love to be in touch as you develop your community :slight_smile: helpers@tinyhomehelper.com