Vermont Cooperative Homestead for Sale

Hello Friends and Colleagues! After 9 years of building community on this sanctuary just north of the capital of Vermont, we’ve been denied a mortgage to buy the land together, so must pass this beautiful spot on to others. Here’s a link for more info: It’s a turn-key operation, great opportunity for folks getting launched with community building in an outstanding location.

Hi Cecile, is this is still available I am interested to know more about it.
I also responded to your post about the community conference. I’ll get in touch through your website.

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Oh goodness, can you give us an update as to what happened? Were you able to change their minds and keep things going there?

Hey Riona, thanks for the question. Happy to chat by phone further if you’d like, but the short of it is that the septic system needed replacing, which is finally done now, and to pay for it, I’m putting the main house with two apartments, the cabin, all the gardens and 3 acres on the market in the next couple of months.

Thanks for the update, even though it isn’t a happy one.

Hi Cecile, I’m in Montpelier and wan to learn more about your efforts and the site. Would you be open to connecting in the next few weeks? Be well, Rebekah

I’d be delighted to connect! would you be willing to email me at with some times in the next few weeks?