How can your community be sensitive to you and your identity?

Hello! My name is Kyra & my pronouns are they/them.
Are you disabled? Black? Indigenous? Queer? Whoever you are - how can your community be sensitive to your identity? List in the comments your pet peeves and wishes! I want to hear more. I’ll add my own too.

Being trans & gay, I don’t want invasive questions about my body or the relationship with my family.
Being disabled & chronically ill - I need patience and space to recover after what are usually considered basic tasks. Walking hurts. Standing hurts. Lifting 10+ lbs hurts. I cannot contribute as much physical labor and that should be respected and accommodated.
More specifically - being HOH - I have a “deaf” voice at times when I am not carefully paying attention - where my consonants sound soft. Please don’t make fun of me or criticize me for something that is difficult and sometimes impossible to control.
My self-worth is not tied to my physical abilities.
As a low income person - I cannot afford the “right livelihood” I would like to. I sometimes have to buy necessities made of plastic. I hate it too. Please stop preaching to me: I don’t have the luxury to spend money on ecological alternatives every time.