Have You Given Up Something that was Important to You to Live in Community?

I’m rethinking needs and wants as regards living in community. I already had a needs and wants list, but I’m revisiting it, as once we have our first-time homebuyer appointment with the homebuying counselor we can get to work on aiming toward buying into a community, whether that be soon (in the next 6 to 8 months, or later, perhaps even buying into the community our friends hope to start.

I’m balancing what we need in a living situation, what we want in community, and if there are some things I think are needs which could indeed be strong wants instead. So my question here is:

Have you given up something you thought you needed in order to join a community? Did you adapt to not having that thing you thought you needed? Or do you still wish you had it? Do you regret your decision to give up something important to you to live in community?

Obviously we have some needs that aren’t negotiable because they’re clear needs for us. But some things I thought were needs might indeed be strong wants and so I must assertain whether we could give those up and still be happy. We want to buy into a community, own our home for stability, so this isn’t a decision we could just undo if we changed our mind, it would be incredibly difficult, especially since once we use first-time homebuyer resources we can’t use them again. So when we make a choice it must be a solid choice we can feel right about.

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Well there was a credit situation that means we can’t buy a home anytime soon (don’t let your sibling use your credit, for anything). So we took a break from considering community for a while. Now we are revisiting it, with the understanding that we’d be renting instead of buying. So now factoring in what we can afford, mixed with needing a little bit of privacy as a couple. For now I’m just going to observe and learn and see what happens, our lease doesn’t end at our apartment until June anyhow, so if anything does happen re. community it can’t come to fruition until then, but talking with friends again and seeing what happens, and continuing to annalyze needs vs. wants.