Free seeds! Email in the description

Hello! Jasmine Sherman is offering anyone who wants to grow a garden free seeds and starts. The only thing they ask in return is that you give away some of your harvest to someone in need. This is a project run by the unicorn party (a united leftist party) and the contact point is me ( Send in your emails sooner rather than later, as there is a limit to how many people we can support.

If you don’t garden but you still want to support the program and feeding those in need, you can send a “seed packet” for 5 dollars to $KWCCW which will be spent on sending free seeds to someone else! <3


Thank you for your insirational email. I run a community garden and interested in seeds. Can you inform me of what you are offering as i would not like to take from others anything we may alreafy have. P. O. Box 367, Helena, AL 35080.

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list your top5 I will send them to you. We will pay for or mail whatever you ask depending on what we already have.

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Squash, okra, zuchinni, cabbage, onions, garlic, potato, perennial flowers

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I sent you seeds! Let me know when you receive them <3

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Hi there and thank you! Id love to get my hands on a few for medicinals. Do you happen to have much in the way of herbs? Ideally:
Cats claw
Butchers broom
White willow

I asked for medicinals also but if you had some food seeds I’m growing those too.
Melons (all/any)
4021 Steck Ave #818 Austin, TX 78759