Creating a space to create and experiment from crafts to gizmos to scientific research and exploration

I’m creating a space of discussion for those who believe in the benefits of having a makerspace/laboratory to continue pursuing innovations and studies further contributing to the the well-being of our descendants and continue metaphorically planting trees whose shade we may never live long enough to get to sit under.


I often find free items on nextdoor and craigslist that would be good for making things but I can’t keep them because I don’t have the space. I often wish I could claim them and put them in a community garage so people could use them. The same with office supplies! Cricut machines and tools are expensive and I rarely use them, but they are so useful every once in a while. Same with printers, lawnmowers (although I keep a garden I need to mow the pathways), chest freezers, etc. I wish I had a local communal-items-in-general space.


This is something I would like to do on my property. There are so many ways to create and harness energy, but the crux is ALWAYS, they aren’t “economically viable”. I think if aspiring inventors had the right tools and workspace, they could make prototypes for single homes or small communities.


i absolutely believe this is 100% worthwhile. i want to form an intentional community, and i don’t want to lose access to infrastructure, mechanics or technology; i just want it to become more…artisan, if you will.

i want us to make our own mini-turbines and water filters and bikes and solar panels, etc.