Aging in community - how can it be more active?

We’re all aging, whether we are 8 or 88! How can living in community support more active aging?
For example, work bees can be a chance for everyone to do what they can, and have fun! How about games nights? Book clubs? Team work? Problem solving? Please share your ideas!


i don’t think anything specific has to happen, i just think we have to disregard the idea that being a certain age means you are now useless / already dead / not worth getting to know. the same thing happens with disabled folk.

ageism :handshake: ableism = isolation


I agree that ageism and ableism can both result in isolation. But I think ‘active aging’ requires an active approach, from all those in an aging person’s community. I wonder how intergenerational communities, and everyone in it, can take part in the story of aging?

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Many aged and less-able people can have a lot of energy and insight but lack the stamina to hang in on arduous meeting and work [or even play-] events. So they may decide not to come at all. Better that they be explicitly encouraged to attend, with the option to sit out if it gets too much, or leave early, without being shamed.


I know there are quite a few elder-centric communities for 55+ folks, including one in my regeon (PDX Commons) re. cohousing and also a resident-owned mobile home park (ROC) called Two Rivers Cooperative.