Twin Oaks Communities Conference over Labor Day Weekend

Twin Oaks Communities Conference

If you are looking for an intentional community, or if you are in a community looking for new members, this is the event for you. The Twin Oaks Communities Conference brings experienced collectivists and communitarians to central Virginia over the Labor Day weekend. We expect at least 40 different communities to be represented, workshops in intentional community specific topics, and open space so you can bring your own content.

TOCC is a kid friendly event which can accommodate many different dietary needs- meals and tent space are included in the registration fee. Full price adult registration is $125, full price youth ages 6-17 is $40, kids 5 and under are free. Early bird discounts, work exchange, and scholarships are available.

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Hi @paxus, did you mean to link the Twin Oaks Communities Conference 2022? You accidentally linked to the 2022 Twin Oaks Queer Gathering, which also sounds like a rad gathering! Linking both here to help guide folks to the event they are looking for. I’m hoping to make it down for one or both, depends on what I can afford. Maybe I’ll see you there!