Looking to co-buy properties with your friends or community? I can help!

Hi friends! The organization I work for, Cabin, just rolled out a new offering to our community and I’m so excited to share it with you all! The goal of this offering?? Help friends and communities build “Squad Wealth”

If you’d like to learn more or connect further, you can check out our blog post about it → Your Squad Buys Property (w/ Help from Cabin) — Cabin

A bit more about our organization - we are building a Network City which is a network of real estate properties and intentional communities around the world that share culture, values, and economy. We just rolled out our Co-living Pass which allows community members to stay longer term (2+ months) at our different properties. Each property is individually owned and operated so this is why I wanted to connect with folks on here about it!

If anyone would like to connect about any of the things I mentioned above, feel free to email me at jonathan.dean@compass.com!

Looking forward to connecting :slight_smile: