Hello! Two down to earth people and two sweet pups looking for land, community, and a winter home in Vermont or New York

My name is Ruby and me and my dear friend Vili are seeking land to build a community or a preexisting community that really fits.

Currently we are also seeking a temporary cozy living situation for the winter. If you need eco-conscious, responsible, caring people to house sit, land sit, animal sit please reach out! We both have lots of experience with community and caring for land and animals. Or if you have a space to share for the winter, please reach out too! We are happy to help with projects if needed.

The long term goal is to find land in New York or Vermont. From experience we feel tentative about joining a preexisting community but if reading over this you really feel like we would be a good fit, don’t hesitate to reach out and say hi. Our land goals are at least 7 acres, more ideally 10 or more…we do hope to share our space with others so the more the better. Between us we have some savings to put down. If you have an -in- on a piece of affordable land that needs rehoming, please contact. We will take good care of it.

So our vision is to live in harmony with the land. I’m sure a lot of visions start this way. But truly, we’re not interested in taking a bulldozer or a backhoe to a piece of mother earth. We are both gentle creatures that want to garden and live as gently as possible. We also have no interest in raising animals to slaughter- as a collective ideal this is important to us. We also value simplicity; we want to remain off grid, without internet, complicated solar set ups, or the like. We’re both experienced and comfortable, and prefer, living with less. We really just want to live our lives the way we both feel called to live them, with our hands in the earth, building home, health, community, and care. We are not that interested in a regimented community style with routined meetings, meals…etc. We just want to live naturally as good friends would want to live together. Help eachother as feels right and good and fun (which is often) but not be set in bound “community rules”. Really functional community, in our eyes and experience, takes the right set of people that know eachother well… which is why we’re most comfortable starting with us at this point.

So if reading this you feel like you might have a connection for us please tell us! And thank you thank you thank you!!

Oh yes, we also have two sweet pups, Mabel and Bagu.

Thanks again, putting out the feelers to make the dream happen!!

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Hi Ruby–
Thanks for sharing your vision and thoughts. My partner recently posted below update. Let us know if you’d like to chat.

Seeking Others to Build an Ecovillage in the Catskills

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Hi! Are you still looking for a place to settle and/or a winter home? My partner and I are founding a community in southern Connecticut, so not within your geographic parameters but not too far out. We’re under contract on a property that’s 7.25 acres of woods with a ranch house on it. It’s steep-ish (the whole property slopes down to a stream) and mostly suited to forest farming. We’re looking for people to come live with us! The cost is probably going to be around $800 per person per month plus utilities, which is one of the downsides of living in southern Connecticut. As an upside, we’re like ten minutes from downtown New Haven. Just based on your post, I think our goals and values seem like they could largely be compatible! There are a few places we might not be a perfect fit – we will definitely have internet and most likely need frequent house meetings to get things set up as we’ll have either 4 or 5 people – but I wanted to reach out in case you wanted to talk more! Here’s my thread for more info: Help cofound a forest understory farm community

I wonder if what you would do well with is a situation where one or two other families go in on land with you two, that way it stays small and is more of a homestead than a community, as communities seem to require lots of meetings, even smaller communities.

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Most definitely. This is a more accurate vision of what we’re looking for.