Efficient Collaboration among Orgs, Groups & Individuals

I started a discussion on the SOFA forum at Outer circle orgs for better world - Sociocracy Discussion - Sociocracy For All . I know that quite a number of intentional communities are said to use sociocracy for decision making. And I’m convinced that it’s the best hope for the future. So I’d like to get involved in helping to transform society to become a better place for all. I think most people probably do already long for a better world for all. And I think we should find it very productive to make outer circles for delegates from many orgs to join in order to collaborate to help each other sharing ideas, knowledge, and other things.

I propose that FIC volunteer to join such a sociocratic outer circle. I’d like to fit in somehow, but I’m not sure how yet. But I can do some stuff online like this, at least.