Cleaning the sink: Organizing chores

Boring question here: How do you organize chores in your community? We have one person appointed ‘household manager’ who has become overwhelmed by the task. We are testing out a set of card decks with the task on one side and name/date of who last did it on the other. I’m curious how other folks have approached this?


Hey Kathe! Great question :slight_smile: I’ve found it works well to create roles (through a collective process) around smaller specific tasks (like cleaner or composter or quartermaster) and then elect folks to those roles for a term. Also important to track whether or not something is getting done. We’ve researched and synthesized a set of practices called Collab that make it easy to create, elect and change those roles over time. If you’d like more info, try these links: Collab Card Deck and free resources.

Yep, allocation and coordination of duties as roles is certainly one way to go (ala Holocracy which sounds very similar to what you describe here) but we are looking for something a bit more collaborative and co-created in this case. Partially as a training exercise and partially to help those of us who are differently abled contribute to the best of their ability.

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Yes, understood :slight_smile: in integrating HO into Collab we made the process for role creation more collaborative, co-generated and co-changeable.