2nd year IC in Brooklyn seeking one or two member (for7/8 total)

Hello IC Forum from Swamp Dog Hobble!

We are a community of seven in Brooklyn (named after a native plant🌱) but some of our members are leaving.

First, the hard facts:

Average rent in the apartment is $1200, but we share all living expenses including food, so the average cost all-in per person is $1500, though we split costs on a needs-basis. We live near Brooklyn College, at the end of the 2 and 5 lines.

The structure: 3 bathrooms. ~8 bedrooms, depending on interpretation, plus several common rooms, amplified music in the basement, back yard with a gazebo and a garage.

Our home is always filled with music, ambitious cooking, and in-progress functional/artistic/both projects. On a Saturday, you might find pop tarts, opera from the radio, compost heading to a community garden, raucous basement music, a longboard scooting out the door, or a dozen people in the back yard eating fried chicken.

We value involvement in one another’s lives. We share many meals and every grocery bill. Social and ideological cross-pollination, sock darning, and bawdy storytelling share our kitchen table.

If this sounds like a community that you would find enriching, and that you think you would enrich, write to us at:

swampdog@fastmail [dot] com and share you responses to a few prompts:

  1. What is your name, and what pronouns do you use?
  2. Why do you want to live here?
  3. How do you express your creativity?
  4. Tell us about a time you engaged with someone who had significant difference in values from you (beyond pineapple on pizza)
  5. And of course, what are your thoughts on the revolution?

We’re excited to hear from you, to get to know you better, and to meet your curiosity.

Swamp Dog Hobble