Farewell to Gesang with Reluctance, Mango Picking with Joy in Lifechanyuan Thailand Community

Qianzi Celestial

June 29, 2024

Brother Gesang spent two weeks experiencing life in the Thai homeland. He needed to temporarily leave the community and return to Myanmar to handle the matters of selling his house. On June 15th, Yangle drove him to the Thai-Myanmar border along with Yixian and Dengdeng. The night before his departure, each brother and sister hugged and bid farewell to Gesang. Despite the short two weeks together, everyone had grown fond of this humble, kind, and warm-hearted brother. We hoped he could handle his affairs quickly and return to reunite with us soon.

Little Dengdeng came from the mango orchard to live with us, and his arrival brought much joy to our lives.Currently, there is no suitable family member specifically responsible for taking care of children in the Thai homeland. Therefore, Dengdeng sleeps with either Roumei Mom or Quedan Dad at night, and during the day, everyone takes turns looking after him. Yangle Dad is very attentive to the child’s education, patiently teaching him to be polite in addressing others, eat well, and develop an awareness of saving food. To create a good learning environment for the child, he leads everyone to share daily English and even holds poetry contests, allowing the child to be immersed in an international and celestial-like cultural atmosphere from a young age. Everyone has a new playmate, interacting with him with chanyuan values, respecting and caring for him, reasoning with him, and moving him with affection. Each member feels that this child is very sensible, adorable, and spiritually gifted. As long as the adults act appropriately, he doesn’t cause any trouble.

During the mango harvest season, everyone went to the mango orchard to pick mangoes together! Previously, the same amount of work was done by two or three people, feeling like a job. Now, with many members participating collectively, picking mangoes has completely turned into a fun game activity. Brothers and sisters enjoyed the sweet and delicious mangoes while chatting, laughing, and playfully teasing each other, quickly completing the picking task.

The rainy season’s rainwater has washed the sky clear and blue, with white clouds playfully changing shapes, tugging at the heartstrings. A passionate sun shower brought the shy visit of a rainbow maiden, who became more radiant and colorful amidst the admiration and cheers of the brothers and sisters in the garden, brilliantly displaying her vibrant and diverse beauty!

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