Any other progressive Christians on here?

We’re progressive or liberal Christians, just wondering if there are others with similar beliefs here. How does religion and spirituality affect the experience of living in community?


hello, I’m a believer. I’m not sure what you mean by progressive or liberal, sorry? Could you clarify

I believe in Jesus and follow him, but don’t think everything in the Bible is literally God’s word. I’m a universalist or something close to that, am pro LGBT, accept evolution, etc.

Hi, thanks for posting this topic and sharing about your beliefs. I don’t identify as Christian, but I’m spiritual and I’ve really enjoyed learning about the spiritual beliefs of those I’ve shared community with. I really love learning about and participating in land-based traditions like Maypole celebrations and wreath making around the winter solstice.

Have you tried filtering the communities in the FIC directory (Communities Directory - Find Intentional Communities) by religious/spiritual practices? Looks like they have “Christian” as one of the options, and you might be able to combine that with other filters.

Spiritual but not religious isn’t too far from what we are, and we like learning about other spiritual and religious beliefs and practices.
I have used search filters and know about some Christian communities. We don’t really want to move though; we have a homestead established and would like if another family joined us here.

No such thing, you’re either one or the other. And from what you have stated you are far from being a Christian.