Bringing the kibbutz communal agricultural idea to South America

With the world at the verge of a large war that could negatively affect agriculture in the Northern Hemisphere, our organization focuses on transplanting the ideals of intentional community and communal agriculture down to South America.

I am building sustainable, organic farming communities based on the Israeli kibbutz model of communal living.

I want to meet people who can advise me on how to do this and I’m looking for people who understand how a kibbutz operates to be hired to develop this idea in Argentina and Chile.

Thank you!

I know that one of the things that earlier kibutzes did that has been tossed out now is the children’s house, where kids lived away from their families once they hit a certain age. The kids who grew up that way said it wasn’t good so things changed, thankfully. So though there are a lot of amazing things about the kibutz model, skip the children’s house part from the 50s and 60s, that’s my advice. Other than that the model is a neat option.

thank you very much for the advice.